Since starting with us in January 2017, John Benton has become very busy providing pastoral support to pastors. We are very grateful to have been able to appoint Malcolm MacGregor to join him in this work on a part-time basis. Like John, Malcolm has an enormous amount of ministry experience and a track record of supporting younger pastors. You can read more about Malcolm here. Malcolm writes:

“During my thirty-seven years in pastoral ministry I have become increasingly aware of the diversity and complexity of the task. A number of men I have known have struggled to continue whilst some have given up altogether. The problems are often compounded by isolation and lack of wise counsel and friendship amongst their peers. Sometimes the pressures on their marriage and family life have accelerated the decision to drop out. Some men have entered the work theologically competent but lacking the relational, leadership and life skills which are needed especially where expectations and levels of criticism are high. If a number of us who have ‘survived’ can offer informal counsel and support or even ‘first aid’ to those still on the battlefield, then I would count that a privilege and, under God, a resource to be widely shared. I have been a close friend of John Benton since the 1970s and we have often considered these concerns.”

You can arrange, in confidence, to see John or Malcolm by sending us an email.

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