"The Greystone Theological Institute (Pennsylvania, USA) and the Pastors’ Academy (London Seminary, UK) are delighted to announce that they are joining together in a new partnership to advance their service to the church of the Lord Jesus Christ.

Greystone Theological Institute is a collaborative effort in Reformed theological education and training in ministry and scholarship. Alongside local activities, Greystone resources scholarship and ministerial formation at the postgraduate level at select satellite sites in the United States and internationally.

The Pastors’ Academy at London Seminary exists to bring advanced theological study and pastoral care to ministry life through a range of activities, from intensive study days to master’s and doctoral programmes.

Greystone and the Academy share a commitment to confessional Reformed catholicity. We also have long-standing personal connections. Dr Mark Garcia, President of Greystone, has taught on the Westminster Theological Seminary ThM course that the Academy offers for over a decade, and the existing Greystone learning communities in Cardiff and Oxford are run by a current and former student from the course. Formalizing and furthering our existing friendship is a natural next-step for both institutions.

Our partnership is intended to bring the resources of Greystone to London and other parts of the UK, providing opportunities for further training and research in constructive theology and pastoral work, with a particular focus on Scripture, theology, and ethics.”

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