Pastors often find themselves at the forefront of the spiritual battle.

As they work to be effective in ministry, they face multiple pressures and challenges.

Preaching is an exacting task, and needs careful preparation. But this is only one aspect of the job. Day by day, pastors also deal with people in the middle of life’s struggles, whether children, teenagers, adults or elderly; single, married, or in the anguish of separation, loss or bereavement.

Inside and outside the church, a pastor fights for Christ and for the gospel. In trying to set an example to the church, any pastor who is honest will know his own personal inadequacies, mistakes and failures.

We know it’s tough to be a pastor. That’s why we offer support and counsel.

Our Director of Pastoral Support, John Benton, has more than 35 years of experience as a church pastor. He meets with many pastors one-to-one, giving help, prayer and encouragement. He also speaks to groups of pastors, helping them to build resilience, maintain compassion and understand ministry in the context of the UK’s fast-changing culture. You can find out more details here about the topics that John is available to speak on. In addition, with his wife Ann, he teaches church groups, covering subjects such as marriage, parenting and family life.

Malcolm MacGregor, who was a pastor for 37 years, works alongside John Benton, primarily in the east of England where he is based. 

John's and Malcolm's one-to-one work is free of charge, does not involve mediation and is intended to complement (rather than to bypass) existing pastoral support structures. To arrange to meet with either of them confidentially, or to find out more, get in touch.

For more information about John and Malcolm, visit our Lecturers page. 


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