These study days blend exegetical, historical, and systematic theology. They will help you to understand more deeply the implications of doctrine for individual and corporate Christian living. All the days are intended for pastors with a good level of theological understanding, but they are open to any men or women interested in learning theology for ministry.

The days cover both topics of enduring importance and matters of current controversy. Every study day is discrete, but sometimes we link these days to form a series.

Our current series of doctrine study days examines topics in covenant theology.

Our Director, Garry Williams, teaches our doctrine study days at London Seminary. He also teaches groups of pastors around the country, and runs study days in Belfast, Bradford-on-Avon, Cardiff, Cheltenham, Dagenham, Darlington, Derby, Dublin, Guildford, Kingston, Leeds, Manchester, Oxford, Warboys, and Wrexham.

The cost of a doctrine day is £40, which includes lunch if it is at London Seminary. If you are in full-time ministry and would like to attend a study day but would not come because of the cost, please contact us about the possibility of a bursary.

Please note that you must book your study day by the Tuesday of the week before it is due to occur. Bookings made after the booking deadline will cost £45, and you may not receive lunch or a hard copy of any handouts.


The Christian and the Law of God

This study day has now finished. Garry Williams will begin teaching a new study day next academic year (2019/20).

Past days:
Monday 15 October 2018
Bradford on Avon: Wednesday 20 September 2017 
Cardiff: Monday 2 October 2017
Darlington: Tuesday 17 October 2017
Dagenham: Thursday 2 November 2017
London Seminary: Thursday 23 November 2017
Leeds: Tuesday 16 January 2018
Cheltenham: Friday 9 February 2018
Wrexham: Monday 19 February 2018
Dublin: Tuesday 6 March 2018
Keswick: Tuesday 20 March 2018
Warboys: Tuesday 18 September 2018
Guildford: Monday 24 September 2018
Belfast: Thursday 8 November 2018
Derby: Tuesday 27 November 2018
London Seminary: Tuesday 15 January 2019
Oxford: Wednesday 30 January 2019

Doctrine study days usually begin at 9:30 with coffee and finish at 16:00, although timings may vary depending on the location.

It was just incredibly edifying, stimulating and helpful in so many ways. I’m so pleased to have been there and so grateful that the Day was so clearly taught.

It was genuinely useful, because we explored themes that affect and regulate so much week-by-week word ministry; and it was faith-building, because we took a step back and could see once again the magnificence of Christ in the depths of His word.


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