'Men and women never struggle so hard as when they struggle alone, without witness, counsellor or confidant; unencouraged, unadvised and unpitied.' (Charlotte Bronte, Shirley).

The world is changing, churches are changing, and the work of the pastor therefore is becoming more challenging. Rooted in Scripture, our pastoral study days give an opportunity to think through crucial areas of ministry together and to hear an experienced voice from outside your situation.

The days aim to revive the weary worker, to help the young pastor not to feel overwhelmed, and to give the more seasoned minister new vision. One poet has written of our world: ‘One must think like a hero in order to behave like a merely decent human being.’ Just so, the pastoral study days seek to inspire and make us brave!

Our Director of Pastoral Support, John Benton, teaches these days. They are run at London Seminary and for groups of pastors around the country. To ask about hosting a study day at a location near you, get in touch. John is also available to speak on a range of other topics related to being a church pastor. You can find a list of those topics here.

The cost of a pastoral study day is £10. Please note that you must book by the Tuesday of the week before the day is due to occur. Bookings made after the deadline cost £12 and you may not receive lunch.

Pastoral study days begin at 10:00 with coffee and finish by 15:30.

Current pastoral day

The third day in the series The Hard Stuff: Matters Pastors Tend to Avoid, looking at church discipline, has been postponed until after the lockdown. In its place we are offering a special online pastoral study day focusing on issues the coronavirus pandemic has brought to light: Coronavirus: Pastoring at Journey's End. It includes sessions on how to comfort the dying (key matters of which to be aware), helping in grief and bereavement (pastoral understanding and the likely complications given the present situation), and how to spend a day in meditation and prayer (keeping spiritually strong for your people in the crisis).

This day has already run twice. If you would like us to run it again please do email us.


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