Our ethics study days consider what it means to live faithfully as God’s creatures in his world. Sometimes the focus is on a pressing cultural issue, sometimes the days consider more enduring questions of what it means to live a life that is pleasing to God.

These days are grounded in the wisdom of the Scriptures, and enriched by the great teachers of the Christian tradition. They also pay careful attention to the roots and fruits of current philosophical and cultural trends. They will help you to understand more clearly and deeply the relationship of ethical questions to the doctrines of the gospel, and the practical implications for Christians and our families, friends, churches, communities, and institutions.

All the days are intended for pastors with a good level of theological understanding, but they are open to any men or women interested in learning theology for ministry.

Our Tutor in Ethics, the Revd Matthew Mason, teaches our ethics study days at London Seminary. He also teaches groups of pastors around the country.

The cost of an ethics day is £40, which includes lunch if it is at London Seminary. If you are in full-time ministry and would like to attend a study day but would not come because of the cost, please contact us about the possibility of a bursary.

Ethics study days usually begin at 9:30 with coffee and finish at 16:00, although timings may vary depending on the location.

Please note that you must book your study day by the Tuesday of the week before it is due to occur. Bookings made after the booking deadline will cost £45, and you may not receive lunch or a hard copy of any handouts.

Current Ethics Day

Our current ethics study day, The Wounded It Heals: The Gospel and the Ethics of Trangender, considers how the gospel helps us respond to, and develop an ethics of, transgender. Future offerings of this day will be anounced here. To register interest please email pastorsacademy@londonseminary.org




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