Some pastors are able to take a period of dedicated study leave.

At the Pastors’ Academy, we can offer you supervision for a study project. We specialise in supervising two types of project: the tailor-made project, and the preaching project.

As well as supervision, we can provide accommodation at London Seminary for occasional nights or longer periods. Meals are available during term time, and kitchen facilities are available during vacations.

If you are looking for more advanced theological training, find out about our master’s and doctoral programmes.

What does it cost?

Administration fee (one-off): £20

Supervision: £30 per hour (internal supervisor), £40 (external supervisor)

Accommodation at London Seminary: £25/night 

Breakfast: £1.50 (included in accommodation cost)

Lunch: £4.00

Dinner: £2.50

Use of the library is free for pastors on a Study Project.

Please note that these figures are all subject to revision.

We have a Bursary Fund that may be able to offer support to pastors who cannot afford the fees - do please ask.

What next?

Please contact us if you are interested in pursuing a study project. Please provide information about the type of Study Project you are interested in, details of your current ministry, and the topic(s) you wish to study.

Please note that we are not currently able to take students who require a visa to study in the UK.


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